BAST Graduate Membership Benefits

BAST Graduate Membership Benefits

Save £51 by subscribing annually. 

This membership is for teachers who have completed the 20 hour BAST course. Here you can build on your current knowledge and review topics covered in the course that haven’t quite sunk in yet.


  • Regular Newsletter

Includes handy top tips, educational content, updates, notifications of new courses, notifications of webinars (either run by BAST Trainers or special guests), product availability, preferred partner benefit offers.

  • Ask the expert webinars

Attend our regular webinar sessions run expert presenters covering a wide range of topics related to singing, performing, teaching, business, marketing, vocal health and science etc. There will be a minimum of 10 per annum.

Plus you will have free access to all past BAST webinars.

  • Training Videos. Access our ever growing library of training videos covering specific teaching and business building techniques, strategies, skills, knowledge. Requests taken!
  • Teaching Clinic Webinars

Bimonthly webinar sessions run by the BAST Trainers covering a wide range of topics related to being a singing teacher. Includes course related review, Q&As, teaching observation and troubleshooting.

  • BAST Closed Facebook Group

A place to ask questions, brag, and moan (a bit). Here teachers and BAST trainers can communicate on topics related to the course, teaching or business building. Guest webinar presenters will also be invited to join to answer follow up questions post their webinar.

  • Mentor Package

In the words of poet Jon Donne, “No man is an island”. Being a singing teacher can be a lonely job, there are often times we wish we had someone we could access who could help and guide us as we deal with all the complexities of a singer and their voice and building our business. It’s hard to access reliable, trusty expertise. Having someone who we respect and trust to help, guide and advise us is how we blossom.

BAST understands this and we have devised a special priced mentor programme package using people we trust and who are experienced and/or trained in a variety of specialties that are related to being a singing teacher and business owner. This includes singing teachers with 15+ years experience, people with medical or voice science qualifications, successful entrepreneurs etc. We have access to members of Vocology In Practice, PAVA, PAMA, the BVA and other relevant organisations.

  • Discounts

15% discount off BAST events and products

  • Preferred Partner Discounts 

Get special BAST discounts on products, events and courses offered by preferred partners.

  • iSing Magazine 

place_to_10_23_2016-11_21_12-pmFree subscription to iSing magazine a digital magazine for singers.

iSing is a fabulous digital magazine carefully crafted for people who consider singing essential to their work and life.  Um, thinking that could be you! Meaningful interviews, articles, tips and videos from top experts and professionals who will help you get the best out of your most important asset, and take you exactly where you want to go professionally. Everything you could possibly need for your singing career is just a few clicks away.

If you haven’t already received it click link below and email us a request for the BAST Grad Membership access code.


Use the code when you submit your application for BAST membership. Click link below to become a member

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