BAST Singing Teacher’s Retreat 2017

Fancy A Weekend Of Singing Teacher Geekery?

This two day educational event is aimed at singing teachers wanting to expand their skill set and gain more knowledge in their profession. 

Who is it for?

From singers just starting out as singing teachers to experienced teachers wanting to deepen their knowledge further.

Your trainers

Line Hilton
Kaya Herstad Carney
Ian Davidson
Steve GilesChris Johnson from The Naked Vocalist

Guest lecturers 

Rehab Awad (Speech Therapist)
Stephanie Moore (Nutritionist)
Debbie Winter and Jenevora Williams (from Voice Workshop)

“I cannot recommend BAST and the classes they provide more highly. They are the perfect balance of information, tools, practicality, science and FUN!” Hannah Meridith, UK

The following topics will be covered in the general classes
  • Vocal anatomy and physiology
  • Vocal pedagogy
  • Voice science
  • Vocal pathology and health
  • Progressing from exercises to repertoire
  • Teaching children
  • Functional vocal exercises
  • Functional diagnosis and assessing the voice for singing
  • Addressing specific vocal issues in singing technique
  • Artist development
  • Business building


Guest lectures from allied health professionals who work with singers including an ENT/Laryngologist, physiotherapist and nutritionist.


Daily Teaching Clinics: where you can watch experienced teachers teach, get guidance with your own teaching, and gain answers to specific teaching pedagogy questions you may have.

“There was a lot of valuable information presented and a lot to be gained by doing shared workshops with other singing teachers and it was great fun!!” Ursula Connolly, Ireland

Learn in the lovely surroundings of Epsom College

“What a fantastic weekend! The event was so well organised from beginning to end, the topics covered were so varied and informative. It’s reinforced my dedication as a singing teacher and inspired me to keep learning to pass on as much as I can to my students. I can’t wait for the next BAST event!” Natalie Andreou, UK

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