The Dancers Guide On How To Do A Singing Audition

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure and privilege (carefully choosing my words here) to evaluate dancers in the singing component of their audition onto the BA in Dance at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. The whole process has always for me been equal parts excruciating and hilarious; […]

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The Epi-what?-is…The Epiglottis.  

What is it? This is a very cool piece of kit that sits at the base of your tongue and essentially keeps you alive! It’s necessary to write about this incredibly significant part of your anatomy because there is still so much confusion out there about the vocal cords/folds, the larynx itself, and their relationship […]


BAST Singing Teacher’s Retreat 2016 Review

Singing teacher Clarissa Land attended the BAST Singing teacher training Retreat in 2016. Here is a review she wrote for iSing Magazine about the weekend. Click the iSing Magazine cover to read the review.


The Acoustic Landscape

Do you want to understand the differences between classical and non-classical responses to the Acoustic Landscape all singers inhabit?  Well this webinar could be just what you’ve been looking for. For many years, voice teachers believed that the challenges of range and vocal registers were entirely matters of laryngeal muscular adjustment. While there certainly are significant muscular adjustments of the vocal […]


The Ageing Voice And Singing

The Ageing Voice The Baby Boomer generation was born between 1946 and 1964. That means the eldest of this generation are 70 now. And there are a LOT of us! Many Boomers fully intend to be doing lots of activities into their 80’s. Those who are retiring are looking for meaningful activities and many are […]

Stage Presence

Shifting Your Students from Over-Doing to Being Present

You know that moment when you’re having a conversation with your student, and they’re so animated, and you’re having a great back and forth, and they’re totally acting like a human… and then they start singing and turn into a robot?! It’s really challenging to deal with this moment as a singing teacher. You want […]

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Singing Voice Summit, May 19-21 Nashville

Singing Voice Summit Nashville “The Perfect Cocktail of Science and Artistry” Hosted by Shameless Singing Music, BAST Training and the Nashville Vocal Coach Collective DATES: Friday, May 19 at 4pm – Sunday, May 21 at 1:30pm VENUE: Scarritt Bennett Center next to Vanderbilt University and Music Row $389

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The Singer’s Secret To Crossing Between Styles

Stylistic differences remain one of the most challenging perceptual walls for singers.  We hear an operatic soprano next to a belter and think they must just be built differently, or that they are simply talented and magically able to make those sounds. In reality, they are making different acoustic and laryngeal choices that allow them […]


What Is Vocology?

The term ‘vocology’ is being used increasingly in the voice and singing world. The word originates from voice scientist, Dr ingo Titze, who even has a book titled ‘Vocology. The Science and Practice of Voice Habilitation’. As singing teachers we deal with vocalisation on a daily basis so it makes sense that we understand the implications […]


Why I became a singing teacher: Lisa Haupert

From the age of 12 until 40, most of what I experienced as a voice student can best be described as voo-doo. I teach singing because no voice teacher or singing student or vocal artist should have to put up with voo-doo.


Why I became a singing teacher: Kaya Herstad Carney

I cannot not sing and I’ve been doing that for all my life. A chronic sufferer of compulsory harmony disorder, and with at least two song ideas in my head at any time – singing teaching came as a natural yet unexpected progression of this.


Should I become A Singing Teacher?

So you are thinking about becoming a singing teacher. Fantastic! What a fabulous opportunity to take all the knowledge and skills you have accumulated so far and share it with others interested in singing, and who are willing to pay for your service.


Why I became a singing teacher: Ian Davidson

Like many others before me, I fell into teaching singing. I had recently graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with a BA in Performing Arts Music and was trying to figure out what happens next.


Why I became a singing teacher: Line Hilton

As with many singers I started off believing I was going to “be famous”. It was a very vague and undefined goal, and given that I started as a clarinetist and ended up choosing the jazz route I was unlikely to be able to attain the kind of commercial success that a pop/rock singer might do.


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