“This was a wholehearted and generous passing on of knowledge, discoveries and passion. I was not overwhelmed by the knowledge- it was delivered in such an articulate way as to make perfect sense and has awakened in me even more interest in every aspect of the voice and performance. I feel like BAST has thought of absolutely everything we could possibly need to start teaching right away. I can’t wait.” Maeve Leahy

“This course is perfect for giving you a well rounded introduction into teaching voice; the information is insightful, relevant and easy to apply in practice. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to become a singing teacher.” Hannah Taylor

“This course couldn’t have been anymore useful. I had had no previous teaching experience and this course gave me the confidence to go out and get a job teaching. The techniques delivered were brilliant and all of my students love the method of teaching, which I have BAST to thank for! Would highly recommend it to anyone!” Holly Watts

“I found Line’s teaching to be clear and comprehensive. She has the ability to break down relevant information in a concise way and her willingness to be transparent and open about her own teaching experiences is an encouragement to any beginner to start where you are and just keep developing. I highly recommend this course to any teacher who is just starting out or has recently started teaching.” CHIDI

“The course was really good value for money with an amazing amount of information, it really encouraged me to start teaching. Thank you BAST for all your help and support.” Susan Turner

“Having been out of the music world for a number of years, this course was a great way to reacquaint myself with the art of singing and develop a more in depth knowledge of how to get the best sound out of a student through listening, understanding and addressing the vocal challenges presented. Life has currently gotten in the way of me putting these learnings a into practice, but when I am ready, I will certainly be drawing upon the knowledge BAST has helped me to gain.” Hannah McMonagle

“This singing teaching course is absolutely amazing and I have learnt so much from it. My teaching skills have improved and I generally feel better equipped to teach my students well. hank you so much BAST!” Collena Masuku

“I really do feel like everything I could think of – and much more – has been covered, leaving me feeling equipped to get out there and get teaching. It also inspired me to research further and to want to go on learning about various aspects of the voice and how to deliver a better learning experience to my students.” Zeb Achono 

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